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Sweet Utopia IS HERE! You can order it now, from, or anywhere else that sells books! And
you can ask your local bookseller if they have ordered copies.

Buy signed copies of Sweet Utopia (send email to, cost is $19.95 + $3
shipping-domestic US)

Stay tuned for VIDEO of Sharon preparing simple, luscious desserts and main courses. Make sure you
submit your email to get the latest video updates.

Sweet Utopia: Simply Stunning Vegan Desserts is a diverse collection of simple and spectacular vegan
desserts--all free of dairy, eggs, and cholesterol, with many nut-free options. It has been in the works for
years now, but is worth the wait! Stay tuned for this beautiful book that features tantalizing photos taken
by Milan.

Sharon is developing new recipes that cater to not only vegans, but anyone interested in moving toward
plant-based food. In addition, she is working on gluten and sugar-free foods that are hearty and yummy,
for her
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