Sweet Utopia
Sweet Utopia is a collection of unique vegan recipes that Sharon
has been developing over the last several years, captured by
Milan’s stunning images. You can enjoy sumptuous food, whether
you are vegan, allergic to dairy or watching your cholesterol!

Buy signed copies of Sweet Utopia (send email to sharon@sweetutopia.
com, cost is $19.95 + $3 shipping-domestic US)

Read the
Sweet Utopia BLOG for desserts, main courses, appetizers and
many gluten-free and sugar-free options!

Sharon lives in NJ and is raising two sons and two rescue dogs.
She comes from a lineage of artistic chef matriarchs and has
been baking since age five. She holds an advanced degree in the
social sciences. Sharon’s hobbies include: anything outdoors,
exercise, reading, watching good movies, and of course, eating
and creating luscious vegan food.

Sharon is currently hard at work developing more recipes to help
you can eat your way to a peaceful, healthy and happy planet.  

Desserts and other party food are available for local delivery.

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